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Commercial Voiceover

Voiceover talent for advertisements, radio ads and television commercials.


Voice Demo for Commercial Media, Advertisements, Radio, TV, etc:

Trouble playing?  You can download the mp3 file here.  Chrome users can try CTRL+F5 to refresh the page, then click play and pause right away, wait for the audio to fully load, then click play.



The genuine versality that Katie offers to her clients allows her to perform a vast scope of different styles, in order to market to a wide variety of target-audiences.

Katie can voice young children, teens, "Soccer Mom's", macho men-even the elderly!  (and everything in between.)


Carrying a tone of vibrancy and wielding her attention-grabbing enthusiasm, Katie is sure to bring those much saught-after customers, right to your doorstep/website!


Give Katie a call or e-mail and hear her voice in your next project!


Want to hear more?  Contact Katie or listen to her other VO demos:




Sample Katie's many voices:

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