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Ask Katie a Question!

Everything you wanted to know about Katie.  (Well, almost)


Q. "When did you first learn about voice acting?"


A. Well, ever since I was about 7 years old, I enjoyed entertaining my friends and myself with voice impressions from animated movies and cartoons. ( I used to be able to sing "Under the Sea" like Sebastian the crab (from Disney's "The Little Mermaid"), pretty close to the original voice, and even get all the words right!) 
But, it never really occurred to me that an actual person was behind the voice, until listening to a radio series called "Adventures in Odyssey". I was 16, at the time, and I tuned in to the voice for the character of Connie Kendall, and something in my brain clicked! It put 2 and 2 together! If a 16 year old can do this Voice Acting thing, I can too! (Not until later, did I realize that the highly talented Katie Leigh (who has been astounding the Voice Acting arena with her endless talents since the year I was born) played/plays this character. Then, a seed was planted....


Q. "What made you want to do Voice Acting?"


A. When I was 18, GOD laid it heavy on my heart to pursue Voice Acting professionally, as a career. Many amazing, wonderful and very hard trials occurred during that time. It was by no means, an easy beginning. I ran into walls for years, trying to break my way into the business without breaking my head.
There came a point, where I finally had to let go of this dream, for a season. And when I did...that's when the LORD began unlocking and opening doors of opportunity to me. I have heard it said, that sometimes, a dream must die, before it can be realized.....I have found that to be very true.

Q. "I've noticed that you mentioned God and Lord a few times now. So, are you religious?"


A. I am a Jesus-follower, a Christian. I believe to be a Believer in Christ is not about "religion" per say, but rather, a relationship with GOD Almighty and seeking to please, honor and bless Him with the life He has given me. He plays a enormous part in my life, and in the choices that I make.


Q.  "Are you married?"


A. Yes, I am married to a wonderful, creative, funny and totally supportive husband.  His name is John.


Q."Do you have any kids?"


A. Yes!  John & I involve our 4 children in radio plays and audio dramas, fun home movies with special effects and lots of storytelling, both on and off the mic.


Q. "What is your favorite character that you have voiced?"


A. Hmmmmm........that's the hardest question, so far....I'd have to say my present favorites are my bulldog character Harley in The Bullies by Glenn Hascal, and Dutchess in Knight School by Foster Animation.


Q."How old are you, really?"


A. I'm 36.




Business FAQ

Q. "I want you to audition for a part. How do I get a hold of you?"


A. Just go to the Contact Katie page, and drop me an e-mail. I'll get back with you as soon as I can.


Q. "Is there anything you won't voice?"


A. Yes. I won't participate in a project that has immoral or explicit themes, swearing, vulgar humor, or gory content.


Q. "Why won't you?"


A. Because of my personal moral and spiritual standards.


Q. "What recording equipment do you use?"


A. I use Adobe Audition CC recording and editing at the studio.


Q."How do you preferred to be credited?"


A. As        Katie Dehnart


Q."Do you sing?"


A. Yes.


Q."Do you speak other languages?"


A. No, but I can do ze accents!


Q. "Are you sick of answering questions yet?"


A. Not at all!  Keep 'em coming!






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