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Radio Drama

Katie offers a variety of quality characters for radio dramas.


One of Katie's all-time favorite outlets for her radio drama work is to work with the folks at Misfits Audio. Katie has voiced in dozens of their shows, from off-the-wall Comedy to serious Historical Fiction.  She's also enjoyed the roles of producer and casting director for several shows with this amazing team, making many friends and having many imaginative adventures, along the way.


But, of course, her most favorite aspect of radio drama, is performing all those memorable characters!  She brings the talent of multiple voices to your project. And more times than not, she performs multiple characters in each episode!


Katie brings a blend of bright personalities, colorful imagination and the knowledge that only comes through years of grounded experience in the Voice Over industry.

and offers a skillset and level of professionalism that can bring life and vibrance to your project.


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